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TIN Verify is designed to power your tax compliance needs in real-time. Validate incoming customers and vendor lists against the authorized IRS databases through TIN Verify.

Join hundreds of businesses using TIN Verify and ensure compliance for your business.

Prevent penalties, validate customer profiles, and verify vendor lists quickly with this powerful TIN Matching API.  Start your compliance journey today with TIN Verify .

How Our Powerful Real-Time TIN Matching API Benefits Businesses

Real-Time TIN & Name Checks

With TIN Verify, you can verify your vendor and customer Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) against the latest data as updated in the IRS records. This helps you validate the TIN/Name combinations in real-time.

Validate Vendor Lists

Verify thousands of TINs at once with our bulk TIN Matching service. Validate thousands of TINs at once and add verified vendors to your master file. This helps you prevent the year-end rush.

Avoid B-Notices & Penalties

Non-compliance leads to notices, penalties, and reputational loss. With TIN Verify, you can report TIN/Name information accurately, saving you from non-compliance measures exercised by the IRS.

Improve Reporting Accuracy

Minimize the risk of reporting incorrect TINs in your tax forms. Reporting accurately improves your file acceptance rate. Report vendor TINs accurately and ensure self-compliance with our quick and reliable real-time API.

Why our TIN Checking API ?

TIN Verify is equipped with all the essential tools required to establish tax compliance for a business. Right from helping you report accurate TINs to helping you derive and define business associations, we’re dedicated to ensuring tax and business compliance for your business. Regardless of the size or the type of your business, compliance is the key to business longevity and growth.

How Does TIN Verify Real-Time TIN Matching Work?

Real-Time TIN Matching

TIN Verify is on par with the IRS databases, helping you validate TIN and name combinations against the IRS database in real-time. For example, if the IRS database is being updated as you’re searching the TIN with TIN Verify, you will find the updated results per the new, updated records.

Bulk TIN Matching

The most common problem reported by businesses when working with a large vendor list is the time it takes to get the TIN Match results from the IRS. The delay often results in a last-minute rush and incorrect TIN reporting. Our Bulk TIN Matching service helps you search thousands of TINs in one request, helping you view the results within seconds.

TIN Verification

Verify and renew TIN for subsidiaries and new entities in real-time (per the IRS records). A TIN-verified entity is officially taxable. This means verified businesses are required to file IRS forms before the respective due dates.


Identity Check


TIN Verify is encrypted to make your data impossible to read for data interceptors. This allows you to conduct thousands of checks every day, without worrying about security breaches.


We scan our servers for malware, data interceptors, and other compromising elements before we store your data. We further help you authenticate your accounts to deny access to unauthorized users.


Your data is yours and we want to keep it that way. We never trade or share your data with third parties. Your data, sessions, and other activities are recorded and kept private to help you review the files in the future.

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