OFAC Watch List Business Validation With TIN Verify

Power your identity searches with TIN Verify’s real-time, authorized OFAC check.

OFAC Watch List Check API

TIN Verify helps you validate an entity’s identity against the authorized OFAC Watch List Join hundreds of global businesses that are taking advantage of our convenient OFAC Check API. Establish compliance for your business today

OFAC Watch List Compliance For Your Business

Instant Search Validation

TIN Verify is built to accelerate the OFAC Watch List search, helping you view your searched results within seconds. No more waiting around for hours in anticipation of the results.

Real-Time Results

TIN Verify continuously updates its databases and watch lists in accordance with the updated records of the authorized global databases. This helps you view real-time results, leaving no room for historic information.

Convenient Bulk Searches

Search a large volume of entities and individuals with TIN Verify’s OFAC Watch List search at once. Unlimited searches + real-time results = accelerated business compliance

Why Choose A Quick & Reliable OFAC Check API ?

TIN Verify is an authorized compliance enabler for businesses around the world. We’re helping businesses access several verified and authorized global databases and watch lists that allow you to search, verify, and validate the real identity and geographical existence of an entity or an individual.

By bringing together a platform that helps businesses search the real identity of a business through authorized global databases and the convenience of technology, we’re creating a universal gateway, which helps businesses ensure compliance and ascertains informed business decision-making.


How Does
Real Time
OFAC Search Work

Create Your TIN Verify Account

Sign up and create your free TIN Verify account. Create your business profile and furnish information about your business to ensure self-compliance. You’re almost there.

Upload Your Search Profiles

Upload the entity information or the personal information of your search profiles to commence the validation checks. Upload or import the data with Excel or other available data management integrations

Search OFAC Watch List

Select the OFAC Watch List on your TINVerify’s ‘Checks’ dashboard and you can start validating your search entities instantly. You can view results in just a few seconds.

Paperless Verification

Cloud-powered verification facilitates hassle-free approvals, helping you verify multiple customer lists and vendor lists easily.


Integrate tools and applications that your teams use every day and simplify your workflow with our API-enabled features.

Accessibility & Device Compatibility

TIN Verify is compatible with all smart devices, allowing you to securely access and work with our tools and services round the clock.

Security & Authentication

TIN Verify is encrypted with a bank-grade advance encryption standard, allowing you to secure and authenticate your user account in just seconds.

Revolutionizing OFAC Compliance With A Convenient API Infrastructure