Support Services will meet the standards set forth in this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). All support services described herein are provided if and as stated in the applicable Quote. Subject to the reasonable availability of Customer representatives to provide information and cooperation, TINverify will provide the following Support Services.


The Services will be available to the Customer at least 99.99% of the time calculated on a contract monthly basis, excluding Scheduled Downtime.

Scheduled Downtime” means the downtime required by TINverify for upgrading or maintaining the Services, provided that such scheduled downtime shall occur in non-peak times and/or on weekends (in the time zone where TINverify’s headquarters is located) and in a manner designed to minimize service interruption. Scheduled Downtime shall not exceed three (3) hours per calendar month.

Recurring Scheduled Downtime windows may be published by TINverify from time to time, including in the API documentation.

TINverify will provide written notice, including by means of popup notification on TINverify’s websites, at least three (3) days prior notice of any Scheduled Downtime which falls outside of the Recurring Scheduled Downtime.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, in no event will any amount of time a Service is not accessible or otherwise functional as a result of any of the following be included in the determination of the Service Uptime:


TINverify shall maintain a technical team that is composed of a sufficient number of technical support representatives to address support call and email volume and to resolve all issues as required by this SLA. Technical support shall be accessible by email between the hours of 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM, CST Time on all business days except US federal holidays (“Normal Support Hours”).

Contact information for technical support is as follows:

TINverify may change any of the foregoing contact information from time to time by giving reasonable written notice to Customer, so long as at least one number or address is at all times available for each means of contact.


TINverify will respond to the requests for Support Services within a commercially reasonable time.


TINverify will update the Software and make available to the Customer any and all patches, enhancements, updates, upgrades and new versions of the Software that TINverify makes generally commercially available (“Updates”). Any such Updates will be deemed part of the Software as that term is used herein and will be covered by the maintenance and support services.