Top 10 Identity Checks That Help Establish Compliance For Your Business

Identity Checks

Compliance in 2022 is all about establishing a fair stance and operating within the legal boundaries as regulated by the federal agencies. Violation of such compliance boundaries usually leads to discourse and unwarranted attention from the federal agencies. But why? Why should a business stay compliant? Are there any legitimate reasons why a business must […]

Significance Of Identity Verification API in 2021

Identity Verification API

There are many ways a business can choose to function. But the smartest way to do it is to up the ante on security and verification – and this includes not just with your external organizational infrastructure but with the internal identity validation process. If you think your business is fine with a traditional screening […]

Why Identity Verification Is Creating A Buzz In The Gig Economy?

Identity Verification

About 34% of the U.S. workforce makes up the gig economy in the U.S. This means that many employed individuals and self-employed individuals are in some way a part of the gig economy, driving its capacities. There is no denying that the gig economy is one of the fastest emerging industries contributing over $1 trillion […]

Role of Identity Verification in the Gig Economy

TIN Verify Identity Verification

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, identity verification is no longer just a security protocol, but a linchpin for profile vetting. Without identity verification, digital onboarding processes cease to exist. This is why modern businesses are investing and exploring various ways to incorporate identity verification. And what’s more? Identity verification accelerates and streamlines your KYC compliance […]

How Identity Verification Changes The Way Businesses Get Their Investors

As businesses step into the new decade, business owners and compliance managers are focusing on the risks of identity theft, AML, and ATF regulations, and preventing the misuse of ecosystems (financial and otherwise) for non-compliant activities and regimes. This primarily brings attention to the start-point of business operations – customers. This focal point changes its […]