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A powerful TIN Verification API infrastructure designed to help your business comply conveniently.

TIN Verify is the only business compliance infrastructure you need to run identity checks on entities and individuals. Validate the compliance status of thousands of businesses in a few seconds.  

Join a community of businesses from various industries that have been using TIN Verify every day to ensure compliance for their business.

What kind of checks does TIN Verify perform?

With TIN Verify, you can conduct a variety of compliance checks, such as tax, business, and security compliance checks, which enable you to validate the identity of an individual or an entity per the authorized databases, lists, and files. Essentially, TIN Verify allows you to validate the identity of entities and businesses against OFAC Watch List and IRS TIN and Name Match databases.

TIN & Name Match

Internal Revenue Service

TIN & Name Match

Entities and individuals alike are assigned taxpayer identification numbers, employer identification numbers, and social security numbers as authorized by the social security administration and the IRS. When you validate the taxpayer identification number and name combination of an entity or an individual against the IRS database, you will be able to assess the real-time tax compliance status of that entity or individual.
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OFAC Watch List

U.S. Department Of The Treasury

OFAC Watch List

Also known as the Office of Foreign Assets Control Watch List, OFAC Watch List is used to verify an entity or individual’s compliance status and background. This list contains information about businesses and individuals that have been targeted by the U.S. government on threat to national security and non-compliance grounds.
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Real-Time TIN Matching

TINVerify enables you to validate TIN by proactively matching tax identification number (TIN) and name combinations in Real Time TIN Matching against the IRS TIN Matching databases through TINverify’s TIN Matching Service. There is a $530 penalty per information return for willful disregard. 


When businesses are functioning on virtual dynamics, it is important to establish a digital data infrastructure, on which business activities are operating.

All the data that you provide to TIN Verify is completely safe and encrypted. We do not view or read the data without your authorization.

We do not share your data or information with third parties. Further, we conduct strict security compliance protocols to “scan” the virtual data funnels, protecting your data from interceptors.

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